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We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses, from small start-ups to large corporations. We’ve helped companies achieve their goals in a number of areas. Thomas Reinholdt, owner of Flash Marketing, has 26 years of experience in web design and is an expert in digital marketing.

Wide range of skills

We have a wide range of competencies within digital marketing. We are experts in Google Ads, SEO, LinkedIn Marketing and Meta Ads. We also have experience in e-commerce, design and content marketing.

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Small start-ups and large companies

Flash Marketing is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses achieve their goals online. We specialize in Google Ads, SEO, LinkedIn Marketing and Meta Ads, and we have experience working with a wide range of businesses, from small start-ups to large corporations.

26 years of experience

Flash Marketing is a digital marketing agency based on Strandvejen in Hellerup, Denmark. We have over 26 years of experience in helping businesses achieve their goals through website design, social media, e-commerce and digital marketing. At Flash Marketing, you will primarily meet Thomas Reinholdt, Mathias Madsen and Dorte Klattschou when you contact us. We have a wide range of competencies and several specialized partners that we work with.

We offer a wide range of digital marketing services, including

  • Web design and development
  • Web shops
  • SEO and SEM
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
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Thomas Reinholdt

thomas Reinholdt 1

Daily monitoring and continuous updating

Success in digital marketing requires knowledge, ongoing education and a desire and ability to adapt quickly. Thomas and his team have it. It’s part of the job – and they love it.

All digital skills in one place

– Workshop/E-commerce and website design
– Analytics with Keyword Research, Google Analytics, Competitor Analysis and Conversion Optimization
– Online advertising with Display marketing, Google Ads, Google Shopping and remarketing
– Search engine optimization with speed optimization, local SEO, technical SEO and copywriting based on in-depth knowledge of keywords, target audience and products

Bonus info

Thomas lives in Kgs. Lyngby and has three children with whom he spends his free time. But Lyngby ball club also plays a big role in Thomas’ life. He is both a long-time sponsor and spends a number of Sundays at Lyngby Stadium during the season.

You can’t study to become a digital media expert. You have to be passionate about it

Thomas Reinholdt is a pioneer in the many possibilities of the internet and Google. He started working with the internet back in 1996, the year before Google launched its search engine, and is the founder and owner of Flash Marketing, Bonfire’s dedicated digital marketing experts.

For Thomas, the idea of digital marketing is quite simple. It’s all about results. There should be no excuses or complex jargon to hide a lack of progress. Everything Thomas and his team do is based on actual numbers and simple performance measures, so you as a customer can always be sure that your revenue growth is generating a real return on your investment.

Thomas is also a mentor on LinkedIn, where he answers questions related to his skills.

The digital toolbox has all the tools

Thomas and his team have all the skills in the digital toolbox and offer digital communication solutions based on specialist knowledge in Google Ads, SEM, SEO, Analytics, conversion optimization, websites, E-commerce, branding and social media. The team, according to themselves and the rest of Bonfire, are loudly passionate, innovative, nerdy, data-driven and constantly on the cutting edge of digital development on all platforms.

With specialist knowledge comes the responsibility to teach others

It’s not just Thomas who calls himself a digital nerd. So does Google. In other words, Thomas is one of the few Danes to have won a Nordic Google partner case in one of his projects.

Thomas and the Flash team is one of the few Danish companies that have a direct partnership with Google, and everyone on the team is certified by Google. This secures Flash partner status with a license to teach, which has led Thomas to teach hundreds of companies in online marketing as well as teachers at Copenhagen Business School.

Digital skills can be used in all industries

According to Thomas, he and his team’s specialization in search engine optimization, as well as paid marketing with a focus on optimizing companies’ marketing budgets, can be used in any industry that wants to brand itself online – or sell products in the here and now.

Your website is in good hands

Although Mathias is the Benjamin of Bonfire, he is very independent, structured and detail-oriented – something that customers appreciate. Mathias always follows through on his tasks and is both adaptable and service-minded. He is used to dialog and support over the phone, email, teamviewer and more. In other words, Mathias is used to being in a situation where rapid problem solving is a must.

The technical overview

Design and communication, product testing, wordpress webmaster, social media, gamification.
WordPress website, subpage creation, Mail chimp, SEO, texts, general operations and more.
Experience with Umbraco, WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Drupal. Intermediate coder in PHP, with a final project in dynamic driven databases. Good understanding of Databases, CSS, HTML, Jquery and various web technologies.
Planning and design of user interfaces and websites: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Foundation, Razor, MySQL, PHP, Angular. – Angular mobile applications – Databases, big data. – CMS; Drupal, Umbraco, WordPress.
Multimedia Design & Communication with website planning and design. Video editing and production. Idea concepts and design. – CMS; WordPress, Shopify.
Design user interfaces for IT solutions.

Bonus info

Mathias has previously swum, sailed and shot at a semi-high level. Today, it’s all about CounterStrike (rank Global elite), World of Warcraft, League of Legends (team tournament) and Call of Duty (tournaments). Mathias has also visited the world’s largest LAN event (Dreamhack).

Mathias Madsen

mathais madsen farve

Detail-oriented web developer with a flair for good customer service

Mathias Madsen is part of the Flash team and currently works primarily with web development with a background as a multimedia designer. Mathias is strong in various web technologies and design/usability, and he is trained in good and patient customer service from the grocery industry. A big plus in a hectic workday with many technical terms.

Mathias has extensive experience in CMSs, PHP, MySQL, and CSS. In addition to the various programming languages, he also has experience with graphic tools such as Photoshop, Indesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Adobe Sketch. This enables him to put his own stamp on design solutions, and he has worked closely with developer teams in the past to create the best UX/UI.

Dorte Klattschou

dorte 1

Passionate digital communicator with overview, empathy and drive

  • Ambitious and passionate communicator with a coaching and sales background
  • Specialist in SEO and Google’s digital platforms
  • Content creator with a creative drive based on empathy for the wants and needs of the target audience
  • Takes natural leadership on tasks with project management, structure and overview
  • Continuously explores marketing strategies that can generate sales on digital platforms
  • Passionate about inspiring colleagues and creating the best results for customers
  • Get inspired by marketing plans to convert into sales now – and in the future

Bonus info

Dorte has been a soccer coach and trained little girls and boys for 10 years in i.a. B82, Lyngby Boldklub and now Virum Sorgenfri Boldklub. Dorte has worked in Greenland, England, Spain and the USA and visited the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, Palo Alto, California. She loves her hammock in the living room and is all about ecology and health.

Digital communication with human insight and a superior technical overview

As a passionate SEO specialist and Head of Content, Dorte Klattschou naturally has her finger on the pulse when it comes to SEO and Google Ads in the Flash team.

According to Dorte, the technical overview cannot stand alone. To create powerful digital communication that sells and builds brands, you also need to love people and be able to put yourself in their shoes to quickly find out what their needs and wants are and what their customers are looking for. Only then can you create effective digital communication that is tailored to your target audience.

If you know what to say – say it!
Knowing that Dorte is a trained coach and used to teaching personal development, coaching, networking and health, it makes sense that customers characterize Dorte as an excellent communicator and a great networker who builds solid partnerships and customer collaboration. Dorte is naturally curious and outgoing and brings leadership and experience from her previous work around the world. Dorte has previously worked as a Business and Life Coach, Project Manager and Marketing and Sales Manager.

When Dorte has to come up with content for a digital campaign, she quickly figures out what content to write. This knowledge is based on both the analysis part from e.g. Google and SEO tools and which content creates the most visibility in relation to Organic SEO, as well as advertising on Google Ads and Facebook. Because as Dorte likes to say – when you know what to say, say it and make sure as many people as possible hear it! It almost goes without saying that Dorte helps companies with SEO, marketing and visibility on Facebook and Google.

The digital approach at eye level with empathy and a to-do list

A happy customer calls Dorte the SEO wizard and explains that Dorte has the ability to take care of the customer’s website with setup, design and SEO optimization. Keyword and competitor analysis is performed, with measurable results quickly emerging due to effective SEO optimization. Dorte uses a clear toolbox and to-do list, so typically smaller customers know their next steps. Dorte handles Flash’s large customers in close collaboration with the customer. And of course, they can always contact Dorte if they need urgent help or the next step in their journey. The fact that she also has an overview, high energy and an infectious mood is the icing on the cake.

Why choose us?

There are many reasons why you should choose Flash Marketing as your digital marketing partner.

Here are just a few:

  • We are experts in our field
  • We have a strong track record
  • We are flexible and adapt to your needs
  • We are always up to date on the latest trends

We are experts in our field

Our team of experienced experts have a deep understanding of digital marketing. We know what works and we know how to help you achieve your goals.

We have a strong track record

We’ve helped many businesses increase their sales, traffic and brand awareness. We take pride in our work and we’re confident we can help you achieve your goals.

We are flexible and adapt to your needs

We understand that every business is unique. We customize our services to your individual needs and requirements.

We are always up to date on the latest trends

We always stay up to date on the latest trends in digital marketing. We make sure you have the best opportunities to achieve your goals.

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