Competitor analysis

Are you curious about what your competitors are doing to succeed? We offer an analysis that covers all aspects of your competitors’ online business
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Competitor analysis

Would you like to stay one step ahead of your competitors by already knowing their tricks?
Then a competitor analysis is the right thing to do. We give you a solid insight into your competitors’ campaigns, keywords and backlinks so you can stay ahead of them.

At Flash Marketing, we specialize in competitor analysis. We offer a comprehensive analysis that covers all aspects of your competitor’s business, including

  • Website: We analyze your competitor’s website, including content, SEO, and design.
  • Social media: We analyze your competitors’ social media activity, including content, engagement, and audience.
  • Google Ads: We analyze your competitors’ Google Ads campaigns, including budget, keywords, and results.

Based on our analysis, we will give you a number of recommendations on how you can improve your own business.

We can subsequently help you to:

  • Improve your website and SEO: We can help you create a more user-friendly and SEO-friendly website.
  • Grow your social media presence: We can help you create content that engages your target audiences.
  • Optimize your Google Ads campaigns: We can help you get more out of your Google Ads campaigns.

A competitor analysis is an essential tool for any company looking to improve their business. By conducting a competitor analysis at Flash Marketing, you can gain the knowledge you need to take your competitors and your business to the next level.

Get ahead of the competition with a competitor analysis

You’ll never escape competition, so you might as well get used to keeping a close eye on what your competitors are doing, and then do that little bit better. What keywords are they found on, will you be found on the same ones, do you optimize your texts continuously SEO-wise and write new texts so you can keep up, how many backlinks do they have and where do you get more, do they use Google Ads, what do their campaigns look like and are they at the top of Google in organic traffic, what social media are their competitors on and how do they rank on their keywords. There are many things to be aware of when you’re in the market and up against competitors with similar products and services.

Regular competitor analysis - One step ahead of the competition

Check out your competitors often, because it’s important to keep up with the market

There are many things to look out for:

  • how many likes and comments do competitors get on SOME posts?
  • what do their posts look like, are they with images, video, text?
  • competitors get new followers, likes on facebook, instagram, linkedin – do you?
  • Are your competitors sharing tips, tricks and other interesting things you should also share since you have the same target group of customers?
  • Which SOME channels are they on, are you on the same ones and are they also relevant to you and your products/services?
  • Are your competitors using Google ads?
  • Are competitors continuously optimizing their SEO? Do you?
  • what are your strengths and weaknesses compared to your competitors?
  • what is your position in the market and what is your competitors’?

Competitor analysis as a growth tool

Get an overview of how well you’re doing compared to your competitors.

At Flash Marketing, we specialize in creating an overview of your business, how well you are doing compared to your competitors and how you can perform even better.

You’ll get an action plan to optimize your marketing and get a solid head start. We won’t promise that you’ll beat the competition, but with our analysis, you’ll be well prepared and ready to take on the competition.

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Competitor analysis

Are you curious about what your competitors are doing to succeed? We offer an analysis that covers all aspects of your competitors’ online business

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