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Is your webshop or website running too slow? Then it needs to be speed optimized, which has a huge impact on your search engine rankings. Get tips on how you can do it.
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Website speed optimization

Do you know the speed of your website / webshop? So do users and, not least, Google.

How fast your page loads is becoming more and more important to Google, because Google is user-centric and no user wants to wait too long for your page to respond.

A slow page can therefore be directly detrimental to your website, and ultimately Google may give the page a slow remark, and then no one will click on your page because it’s so slow it annoys users instead. Google puts the pages at the top that work best all-round for users, and there are many other factors in addition to speed.

Having a fast website is important in order to appear user-friendly and make it a breeze for the customer to complete a purchase. If customers have to wait for the page to load, they quickly move to the competitor. Remember Google is user related and this means that for your website to be interesting to Google, it must first and foremost be interesting for your customers to be on your website, your page must load quickly and your visitors must stay on the page for a longer period of time.

Google ranks your website based on the actions of others. They don’t just reward you because you use popular keywords or have a lot of content or the page loads quickly.

Google is much more interested in seeing that your visitors are actually reading, sharing and engaging with your SEO optimized content. Speed is just one important part of it.

A quick page provides:

  • Higher rankings
  • Higher CTR (click through rate)
  • More conversions
  • Longer visit time on your website

How do I get a fast website?

 There are various ways to speed up your website, most of which require some knowledge of server settings, plugins, programming and image file compression. Optimizing your website to be fast enough can be tricky, which is why we use many different tools and plugins for this.

How slow is my website?

You can quickly test your site speed with different programs so you know the load speed.

You get a lot of details about your website, how fast your page loads, where to optimize and why it’s slow.

There are various tools where you can test your speed for free, we use GTMetrix or Google Pagespeed Insights

Image sizes

It’s important that your images are properly compressed and are the correct sizes.

There are many different tools available to compress images and files. These will help to speed up the speed of the website. Large, heavy images and files that take up a lot of space cause a lot of load time, which can easily cost you a lot of impatient customers. Typically, visitors are only on the page for 3-4 seconds before moving on.

How do you speed optimize your WordPress website?

As mentioned, speed matters when it comes to your ranking on Google. The search engine rates the quality of the website based on its load time and only allows the very best to appear at the top of the search results. With a lot of content on your website, it can seem difficult to make your website faster. But we have many tricks up our sleeves. We use many different tools and plugins to optimize your website depending on what our analytics and tests show to be the cause of the slow speed.

At Flash Marketing, we optimize your website so it’s lightning fast on all fronts. It also makes your site more stable and makes it appear more reliable. Suddenly, you can even fit a lot more on the server without slowing down your website.

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